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Lilach Algrabli for LILAMIST



“I know that Lila Mist will still exist after my death!” So says Lilach Algrabli (33), the designer and spirit behind the LILAMIST label, and the women who currently dresses Israel’s top celebrities.

Algrabli knew at a young age that fashion design and sewing is the thing she wanted to do above all. “It is my destiny and today I feel I conquered my own personal moon,” she says.


As an autodidact who never formally studied fashion, Lilach chose a long path of gaining knowledge by experience and did various “grunt”

שמלות כלה

jobs  in the textile and sewing industries until she felt ready to go out on her own. She set out with a clear agenda about what a woman should wear and how she should look and how it would be possible to change Israel’s fashion scene.
As part of her job as an El Al Airlines stewardess she traveled the world and was exposed to exclusive designers, leading couture houses and the fashion cultures of Europe and New York, which she takes inspiration from to this day.


Three years ago she fulfilled her dream and with her own two hands (literally and figuratively), without any connections and “with 50 nis in my pocket” as she says, started the basis for the LILAMIST fashion house. To assist her in this move she convinced her younger sister, Smadar, to leave her job and stable lifestyle and join her on this big adventure.  Their were many obstacles and they had few resources but without any hesitation and with unwavering determination that involved even renovating the store themselves with friends the dream started to become a reality.


In less than two years LILAMIST has become an upscale label, with an innovative appeal unknown to Israel before.  Her goal is to give women an elegant and adorned look.  Her fashion appeals to women of all ages and sizes who share one common denominator – a connection to their femininity and good taste.

שמלות כלה

Algrabli believes that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but one cannot compromise on quality.  Thus she is meticulous in choosing quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and fine finishes that give the clothes their final look and feel.


Today Algrabli, as part of her belief in her agenda of affecting change, lectures at the Aboudi School for Advertising, Fashion and Styling in the section for Fashion History and Proportion.

Recently, Alagrbli moved the LILAMIST fashion house to its new larger and prestigious location at 280 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv.



Orit Laba

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